ISTANBUL (TR) – The Turkish enterprise ENBIOSIS, which develops personalized health solutions for many problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases by analyzing the microorganisms in the human intestine, has taken the first step for biotechnology exports thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence algorithm. The initiative began to offer its experience in Turkey to the European market first thanks to a cooperation agreement signed with Nutriomex, supported by Silicon Valley-based Atomium.

Stating that the focus of ENBIOSIS is to show the potential of Turkey in the field of health technologies to the world and to introduce more patients to personalized health solutions, ENBIOSIS founder Ömer Özkan said, “We are one of the companies with the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm in the field of microbiomes worldwide. After Turkey, we are happy that people abroad will benefit from our technology.”

The power of Turkey in the field of health technology will be represented in the international arena

Stating that they aim to commercialize their knowledge and experience in the field of health technologies in foreign markets, Ömer Özkan said, “With the cooperation agreements we made with health institutions such as Liv Hospital and Medicana at the beginning of July, we had the opportunity to bring our work together with more patients. We believe that this potential we have gained with the advanced algorithm we have in the microbiome field is strong enough to represent our country in the international arena in the best possible way. The learning curve of our algorithm and the development graph of our service quality are much higher than our other competitors, as we put our base model on a certain rationality by feeding the algorithm in question with literature studies. That will benefit our people abroad after Turkey’s technology gives us pride and happiness. On this occasion, we would like to thank Nutriomex, who will carry our technology to Europe”

From equity to biotechnology exports

The focus of ENBIOSIS’s move is to demonstrate Turkey’s potential in this field to the world by exporting the projects it has developed in the field of health technologies to different countries and to introduce more patients to personalized health solutions. The first goal of the initiative, which continues the entire process from the development of the product to the start of the first sales with its own equity and has not yet received an investment, is to export 100 thousand dollars worth of biotechnology to Europe by the end of the year.

Early diagnosis kits are on the way

Referring to the importance of the ecosystem called the microbiome formed by microorganisms and its active role in many health problems from digestive diseases to psychological disorders, Ömer Özkan said, “Degradation of the ecosystem consisting of trillions of microorganisms in our body, digestive system diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, and psychological disorders such as skin diseases that are the root cause of many health problems it is a fact accepted by the scientific community. In order to understand this ecosystem, ENBIOSIS analyzes the microbial DNA we have obtained from samples from 30,000 people with our artificial intelligence algorithm, which can process thousands of clinical data.; we offer a personalized microbiome diet that will ensure that the person has a healthy microbiome. With our new project, we aim to produce individual-specific probiotics and develop kits to help diagnose diseases early.”