The trend of temporary staffing has become quite popular in the contemporary corporate environment. It basically implies to the process of hiring workers for a specified duration or on a project, rather than recruiting them on a permanent basis. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing points out that this process considerably helps businesses to meet any sudden, critical organizational needs. Steve Sorensen has been a part of the staffing industry for quite some time and hence is quite well-acquainted with this procedure. He is the ex-owner of Select Staffing and a current owner of Butler America.

In several cases, temporary employees serve as fill-ins for the permanent employees of a company who may be absent for a period of time due to vacation, maternity leave, and so on. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing mentions that usually a specialized agency is contacted by businesses to hire temporary workers. Select Staffing itself is a major provider of temporary staffing and employment services. Being associated with that company for several years has provided Steve Sorensen with unique insights and expertise in relation to the domain of temporary staffing.

Permanent employees incur a significant amount of expenses for a company, in regards to salary, medical and unemployment benefits. However, when using temporary employees, companies simply have to pay the relevant staffing agency a flat rate for services, which is a way more cost-effective option. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing additionally points out that hiring temporary employees with the help of a specialized staffing agency would especially be a prudent move for any business. The top advantages of doing so include:

  • Temporary staffing agencies can considerably help ease the workload of the HR department of an organization. The HR department typically is already burdened with the issues of the permanent employees of a company, and do not have the time to go through the lengthy temporary staff hiring processes.  Moreover, the knowledge and industry expertise of the professionals of a staffing company is much greater than that of any HR team of a firm, as recruiting is their sole responsibility.
  • Staffing agencies can help companies to save time and money on advertising, recruiting, and interviewing. It usually is not feasible for any firm to go through the extensive process of placing ads and interviewing multiple people to find a worker to just cover for a few shifts. Temporary staffing agencies tend to be uniquely qualified to help businesses in regard to such short-term situations.
  • The professionals belonging to temporary staffing agencies have the capability to expedite the hiring process, and swiftly identify the perfect temporary worker to effectively meet the requirements of an organization.
  • Temporary staffing agencies can provide their clients with accurate details in regards to industry trends, competitive wages, and availability of candidates with the help of their extensive experience and valuable connections.

The services of temporary staffing agencies can be sought out by businesses operating in almost any industry and sector.