The modern world of super casinos is outrageously decadent, so much so that the idea of going to a casino these days revolves around absolutely massive buildings with unbelievably rich and majestic interiors. But here’s the thing: not all casinos are actually like this at all – play at the best casino site. In fact, the average land-based casino that can be found in most cities won’t look anything like the places that are commonly found on Hollywood movie screens.

Oh yes, distinguishing fact from reality in casino films is actually quite a tricky business, especially if you aren’t commonly a casino goer, because the casinos in films are typically over-exaggerated. Of course, in places like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau the casinos you see on the big screen really are what you can find in these gambling hotspots, but in the majority of cases land-based casinos are a lot less decadent than on the big screen. But anyway, read on to find out a little about distinguishing fact from reality in casino films.

Casino security

Ever seen what the security looks like in films when it comes to Las Vegas? A lot of the time it seems as though these casinos resemble full on military compounds, with a security and surveillance system that is truly second to none. Well, here’s the thing: in places like Las Vegas casino security systems really are bordering on the ludicrous, however even then they can be easily exaggerated.

Just take the incredibly popular box office Hollywood smash hit Ocean’s 11 starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt amongst others. In this unbelievably exciting casino heist film the security at the Las Vegas casino that is getting robbed is hilariously complex, and whilst casino security is remarkably secure, it doesn’t quite go to the lengths used in real life.

Casino films and poker   

Poker is undeniably one of the most popular casino games to be featured in casino films, mainly because the atmosphere around the game is so famously tense and cool. Seriously, have you ever seen the James Bond motion picture Casino Royale? An incredible film with Daniel Craig starring as James Bond for the first time, and one that revolved around an incredibly high stakes poker match.

Poker in films is incredibly exciting yes, however the fact is that it can be very hard to faithfully present what it is truly like to be involved in a high stakes poker game on the big screen.

Blackjack card counting

If you are a seasoned casino goer you would have at least heard of blackjack card counting, a technique used be seasoned blackjack players to try and win blackjack hands literally 100% of the time. Blackjack card counting works by keeping a tally of the cards that have already been dealt, and with this information accurately guessing what cards are left in the deck. DU

Due to its presentation in films such as The Hangover it can be tempting to think that blackjack card counting is illegal, but here’s the thing: it’s not!