Engaging in philanthropy is highly commendable; however, it should never overlook economic and social injustice. It is here that competent leadership is needed to serve the communities to boost a sense of equality among everyone.

Caroline Sturken – The need for justice in charity programs for the welfare of society

Caroline Sturken is an undergraduate student pursuing law, politics, and philosophy. She is a motivated and passionate student who has accomplished the honor roll, the high honor roll, and the dean’s list in her semesters both in high school and college. She is presently a part of the sorority called Phi Sigma Sigma, which focuses on diverse philanthropy ways, especially at the college and school levels.

When it comes to justice in philanthropy, she believes that every charitable initiative should build and transform the lives of the people served positively. If you examine every community, you will find a section of untapped or even under-sourced society. Leaders are present in every community; however, it is the way they look at others and the end goal that makes all the difference.

Choosing competent leaders that inspire positive transformation

She says that often leaderships turn out differently than expected. This is why those associated with philanthropic programs should choose their leaders that inspire. They will be able to bring people together and lead them towards common goals. These leaders will understand the different mindsets of the people, identify the opportunities that lie ahead, address the challenges, and shift attitudes of all the individuals involved in the well-being of society.

Spend time with leaders

You can only choose the right leader and bring justice to the charitable endeavor only if you spend a considerable amount of time with them. There are some instances where you might not see similar assets they envision, or you may not support collaborative efforts for some reason. True leaders never impose their ideologies forcefully on the community. They are open to transparent communication so that they can understand the challenges people face and find common ground on how they can resolve conflict and other issues.

Understand the historical facts that have led to the injustice

In any philanthropic endeavor, leaders need to understand clearly the historical facts that have been the cause of injustice. The wrong should be made right, and the challenge lies in eliminating some people’s illusion that they are in the less fortunate category.

The leader needs to understand how some people have taken advantage of these inequalities and acknowledge the circumstances that have been the root cause of these inequalities.

Caroline Sturken believes that leaders should create a justice-oriented framework. In this way, they can successfully inspire positive change and trust in all the endeavors they undertake for the community’s overall good. It takes time for results to show, and more than a holistic approach, all philanthropic campaigns targeted for the welfare of the community and the general public should be justice-oriented for success!