Does your custom eyelash boxes meet the brand vision? Do colors on your packaging came out as expected? Do your custom eyelash packaging boxes attract customers in the retail environment? Sadly, all these scenarios are awfully familiar to many brands and marketing managers.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Another issue that cosmetic product manufacturers often come across is inconsistent packaging colors, primarily when you deal in a range of products and have multiple packaging suppliers on board. These minute variations in eyelash boxes become more visible when lying on the retail shelves, which negatively affect your sales.   

Too often, these problems arise from the mistakes that are made during the design and printing process—for instance, moving forward with the ideas that are simply not achievable on the press, using graphics or image files that aren’t set up correctly, or receiving inaccurate proofs. All these things lead towards one thing: substandard packaging.

Fortunately, these mistakes can be easily avoided. Here are top tips that will aid you to get the perfect custom eyelash box packaging.

Make Sure your Master Package Design is Print-Ready

An easy way to obtain the best print quality is by engaging your production partners quite early in the stage.

They should work in conjunction with your company and highlight any potential problems that you can face during the printing process and suggest alternative solutions before the design is finalized. Bear in mind that not all designs work well with different packaging materials and sizes.

Your packaging partner should also suggest you the right color palette and strategy that are more suitable for a premium print.  

Find a Packaging Company that has Professional Graphic Designers

The first and foremost important thing is to produce finished artwork instead of applying the design to various eyelash boxes wholesale supply.

Mistakes that are made during the designing stage results in visual inconsistency. You need to understand that it’s a technical process, and it should be handled by a professional to make sure you get high-quality custom eyelash boxes.

Also, you need to take into account that every printing press works differently. So the only way to ensure quality and consistency is by customizing each graphic file according to the press it will be printed on.

To get the best results, find a packaging company or designer who has the technical skills and solid knowledge of the printing process. They will gather unique specifications from each printing press and create your artwork files accordingly. Such an individual will also correctly layout all the design elements within the dielines to achieve brand consistency.

Error Proof your Custom Eyelash Boxes

When viewed on a desktop, colors can look one way, but they look totally different when printed on the packaging material.

Error proofing is a crucial part of the process to ensure you get premium print every time. Proofing gives you the inner peace as it enables you to see how the hues in your eyelash packaging box design will look when printed on the packaging material. In addition, proofing creates the opportunity for you to make amends and ensure the final print result is in line with your brand’s vision. 

It’s way better to make the modifications at this stage rather than entirely changing the design. But not all proofs are up to the mark. For example, if you aren’t using certified proofing, it is highly likely that your eyelash boxes’ colors won’t match. 

Ask your packaging partner to use ISO certified proofs because they guarantee color consistency. If it seems all too technical, it would be best to hire a local packaging company in the USA rather engaging someone in China. This will allow you to visit their office and view the mockups in-person.