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Did you know that a dripping bath tap in just the space of 10 hours or so can create 80 litres of wasted water? A dripping tap is more than just a problem with your plumbing in Wall that is okay to ignore. While it might not seem like an urgent plumbing problem, it is something you need to act on. As well as the constant sound of the dripping tap that can be quite annoying, and the scaling it is causing in your tub, you are paying for water that you are not using and wasting water in a time when we should all be doing more for the environment not less.

Do your own test

If you have your own dripping tap why not do your own test? Sometimes when you see the results yourself it can be more convincing than reading it somewhere. Take a container and place it under your tap, whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere. Decide how long of a period you are going to run your test for and then measure what you are wasting each hour, each day. Think about how much that equals over a longer time, a week, a month. How long has your tap been dropping for? Some forget that there is even a problem and can let it go for months, even years. They want to save money on a plumber in Wall but do not consider the waste.

Who to call

When you have issues with plumbing in Wall you should consult with an expert plumber as soon as you can. When you ignore what seems like something insignificant and unimportant it could build from an easy and inexpensive fix to something a lot more damaging and costly. Until the plumber gets to you an additional thing you could do is save the water and make use of it. Use it to water your garden, flush a toilet, wash your floors and so on. When you find a reliable plumber with a great reputation you can have them look at the problem. They can best see what the cause is, and talk with you about what the options are to fix it. If budget is a concern make that clear as they may be able to come up with something less expensive. It could be as simple as a new washer or a new tap set to be installed.


Your home is a place that should be somewhere where you can relax and let the stresses of life go for the time being. That means keeping it in good repair. If you have taps dripping it is a good move to find a professional and licensed plumber in Wall or where you are located. They can return your home to a place that is somewhere you are happy to relax in. You can feel better too about your water bill costs and no wasting water anymore.