ISTANBUL (TR) – ISTANBUL AIRSHOW, which was planned to be held at Atatürk Airport between 1-4 October 2020, has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic like all international aviation fairs and organizations.

The 13th International Civil Aviation and Airports Fair and Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform announced that positive developments are expected in the Covid-19 process until the last moment for the exhibition organized for 26 years , but it does not become clear whether the official fair arrangements will be granted for the event period as of 14.08.2020, the disappearance of the possibilities of organizing an efficient organization as a result of a much narrowing of time, most importantly, the fact that international free travel conditions are still not in order made it inevitable to postpone.

The new dates of ISTANBUL AIRSHOW were changed to 23-26 September 2021 with the advice and support of foreign participants and relevant government institutions. The fair will be held at Atatürk Airport.

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